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“Is it fair to say Switzerland isn’t the first country that comes to mind when you think of psychedelic music? Glad you agree. Alright, here comes the ‘did you know’ sequence. Did you know Switzerland gave the world LSD. Did you know it’s also the home of the Rickenbacker? That’s psych enough right?

And so is this. Right now there’s one Swiss band making serious waves in the genre. They are called Magic & Naked and have just released their second album Human Expression. It’s very strong. There’s just the one problem; they’re being called the “Swiss Beach Boys”, but let’s see if we can help them get over this.”

They should be called the Magical Nuggets, but a transcription error will decide otherwise.

An offshore boat, a horizon populated with imaginary birds, a shower of purple stars, the ravings of your mind when your eyes are closed belong to you, Magic & Naked will only take care of the sound accompaniment. As a link between the fallen stars of the past and the green presence of certain musical scenes, their music, both fresh and familiar, is a sweet mix of psychedelic and electric folk-rock with a soul blast, with all the heat and the reverb that supposes. Songs from the country where the suns of tomorrow are kings and the ghouls of yesterday are queens.

Revealing their first album in December 2015, the Magic & Naked confirm their “psych love pop” with their second album Human Expression in September 2017. The album will bring them to the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Batie Festival, One Of A Million Festival, Swiss Psych Fest or Fever Creek in Berlin. They have also play first part of bands like Curtis Harding, The Rainbow Babe, TOPS, Sugar Candy Mountain and others ..

Magic & Naked have already played at: Paleo Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Supersonic, Rockstore, la Bâtie Festival, OOAM Festival, Südpol Luzern, HillChill, Winterthur Musikfestwochen & many more…